CBD effect on performance

Why are more and more athletes turning to Hemp derived CBD products? Due to CBD's ability to promote alertness & boost energy along with encouraging faster & better muscle recovery, Athletes are using CBD as part of their pre and post workouts...

Athletes that use CBD

Leonard Marshall

*Leonard Marshall is a former football player. He played as a Defensive End for the New York Giants, won two Super Bowls, and played for 12 years in the NFL overall.

Spending that much time playing football can do catastrophic damage to your brain, and soon after retiring, Leonard Marshall started suffering from CTE. Prominent among NFL players, CTE is a traumatic brain injury that comes on as a result of repeated concussions.

The symptoms of CTE can be horrible and life-threatening. Many former athletes lose motor function or experience black-outs. The most common and most dangerous symptom, though, is the violent mood swings that come with the injury.

Many former NFL players have taken their lives as a result of CTE. Marshall began experiencing these symptoms, and not wanting to put on a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs, turned to CBD oil.

He experienced a world of difference. All of his symptoms were drastically reduced or disappeared entirely. 

Nate Diaz

*Nate Diaz is a world-renowned mixed-martial-arts fighter. Every day he goes through intense workouts, getting his body into peak physical shape. Then, every few months he enters the Octagon and gets absolutely battered, whether he wins or loses.

An athlete that works this hard and gets beaten up this badly, needs a lot of health supplements to stay afloat. That’s why he uses CBD.

In 2016, Nate Diaz showed up to his post-match press conference against Conor Mcgregor smoking CBD oil from a vape pen.

When he asked reporters what the was in the vape pen, he responded “It’s CBD. It helps with the healing process and inflammation and stuff like that. So you wanna get these for before, after the fight, training. It’ll make your life a better place.”

This isn’t conjecture on Nate’s part, either. CBD really does have anti-inflammatory properties, according to at least one study.

CBD can be taken as a tincture, smoked through a vape, or administered as a gel or cream for this purpose.

Derrick Morgan

*Derrick Morgan is a ninth-year linebacker for the Tennessee Titans and also turned to CBD to protect his brain against CTE.

He was inspired by another former football player, Eugene Monroe, that has been campaigning for more research to be done on CBD’s neuroprotective qualities.

Currently, the NFL’s rules on CBD use are opaque, and active players are scared to take it, fearing it will make them fail their drug tests.

But with Monroe, Derrick Morgan is championing the Bright Lights campaign, which aims to provide concrete scientific evidence that CBD can reduce the catastrophic effects of brain injuries.

The campaign has teamed with researchers at Johns Hopkins and the University of Pennsylvania to investigate CBD’s benefits.

If the research is successful, Morgan and others can push the NFL to revise its league policies on CBD and hopefully, marijuana in general